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, martha washington to angelica van buren. with tonight's all this month starting on monday at 9:00 eastern on c-span. on martha washington, joining the conversation with patricia brady at what's the british parliament is in recess for the month of august. a will return september 2. we take a look back at the major events debated over the last few months. the bc parliament produced a one-hour program. >> welcome to westminster in review. back at the big events since easter. coming up on this program, the chancellor said there are billions of pounds to come. sociale money for ever spending. >> britain will spend more at the percentage of its national income all caps on investment in this decade despite the act that in the previous decade spending was being wasted in industrial area what's the conservatives unite around referendum about our place in the european union and >> they deserve a say deserve to be given a real choice. to paraphrase, that which our forefathers equipped -- and bequeath. fax probably gets the go-ahead for gay couples to marry. -- >> gay couples get the go
. patti ann: not at all. i'm in for martha maccallum today, and senior u.s. officials say the intelligence is specific, and it points to terrorists setting off surgically-implanted devices. former cia director michael hayden says closing the embassies could be more than just caution. >> well, that's the cost of doing business, and i understand the argument that it seems to, as you say, empower them more than perhaps they're really capable of performing. on the other hand, you have a real danger to americans. you want to be cautious and let me add an additional factor in here, chris, the announcement itself may also be designed to interrupt al-qaeda planning, to put them off stride, to put them on the back foot, to let them know that we're alert and that we're on at least to a portion of this plot line. bill: so that with chris wallace on sunday morning. peter doocy live this morning out of washington. good morning to you. the latest on these threats, what can we report? good morning. >> reporter: bill, lawmakers are alarmed for a reason, because al-qaeda-linked terrorists are reportedly in
martha washington's slave. out in 1796,ound that martha washington was planning to give her away. during the planning, slaves were away. this was upsetting, because the washington's had promised to free their slaves when they died. and she was going to be given away, that meant that she was going to be in slavery. she may plan to escape. she talks about this later, one whenng, in 1796, washington was sitting at the dinner table, literally, waiting for them to serve him, she escaped. she -- george decides that they are going to kidnap her. that was fairly common. >> how many stories are there like this? >> many. there were always african americans in the white house. james buchanan's administration. were upset.ners he dismissed the african- american staff and brought in irish and english house servants. that is the only time that happened. left the hercules, washington compound and was never found again. they think he was in new york. they do not know. not a lot of effort was made to find him. hise is trouble about slaves and hers. he freed his and he did not free hers. i do not know the
and train stations across the country. our coverage begins with abc's global affairs correspondent, martha raddatz. >> reporter: the messages intercepted from al qaeda in the yemen are chilling. a senior u.s. official telling abc news, known terrorists are planning a major attack, which may mean multiple targets aimed at western or u.s. interests. the official saying the intercepts reveal terrorists talking about an attack that is, quote, going to be big and strategically significant. officials said the u.s. believes al qaeda operatives have been selected and are already in place in yemen and possibly additional countries, as well. on abc's "this week," house intelligence committee member dutch ruppersberger told me americans need to take this threat seriously. >> there's operatives that are in place, because we've received information that high level people from al qaeda in the arabian peninsula are talking about a major attack. >> reporter: at the white house, the president called together his entire national security staff for an hours-long meeting saturday to coordinate the latest inte
of blacks in the white house. >> yes. >> this is a q&a for a couple of years ago about the martha washington's slave -- pick it up at the end. >> she found out early 1796 that martha washington was planning to give her away as a wedding gift. during slavery, slaves were given away. this was upsetting for her. because when they died, they would free individuals who were slave to them. and she had hoped down the road she would be out of the institution. but if she's going to be given away, that meant her whole life was going to be in slavery. she's going make plans to escape. she writes, she talks about later, one evening, late spring, 1796 while the washingtons were silting at the dinner table waiting for her to serve them, she went out the back door. rather than say, you know, she escaped, we don't like it, but we'll leave it alone. george decides to kidnap her. they send a nephew back to kidnap her which was actually fairly common. >> how many stories in history like this, slaves in the white house? >> many stories. there were african-americans in the white house, except the james buchanan
will have a voice instead of san francisco and martha's's vineyard. >> this afternoon, new york city mayoral candidate anthony weiner will unveil his brand-new book "even more keys to the city." he spent the weekend insisting he is no longer sexting. maybe new york city should go with the same strategy as this young 4-year-old. he was elected mayor. it's not really an election. the mayor has no official duties and they are picked at random. the population fluctuates between 22 and 28 people. but his name keeps getting pulled out of the hat. >>> a handful of governors broke out their biker letter this weekend in milwaukee. both scott walker and mary fallon dressed the part for the party. it was at the harley davidson mutual. in an interview with chris witherspoon, oprah talked about her role in the film and how the role will impact the obama presidency. >> it's so easy during this time, trayvon martin parallel to emmitt till. in my mind, same thing. but you can get stuck in that and not allow yourself to move forward and to see how far we have come. look at how far we have come. >> that full
. >> security also raised here in the u.s. at airports and train stations all across the country. abc's martha raddatz is tracking the latest and joins us this morning from washington. good morning. >> reporter: intelligence officials are tracking this threat full time this morning. while the u.s. is closing even more embassies and some may stay closed even beyond this week. u.s. officials are focusing particularly on yemen this morning. believing al qaeda operatives are already in place there and possibly other countries as well, just waiting for the opportunity to strike. intelligence committee member dutch ruppersberger told me on "this week," this is dead serious. >> those operatives are in place because we received information that high-level people from al qaeda in the arabian peninsula are talking about a major attack. >> reporter: communications from the al qaeda affiliate in yemen intercepted by the u.s. revealed chilling details of a terror plot al qaeda believes is going to be big and strategically significant. >> i had a briefing with the vice president. it is scary. >> it could be
at what brought him to this moment. also, martha raddis with the latest news on the terror alert. what's happening at this moment. and swimming with sharks to find out why they're coming closer to beaches everywhere. he >>> checking healthy living news a popular class of blood pressure drugs may have a serious side affect for women who have taken cha is known as calcium channel blockers for 10 years or skmor have risk for two types of breast cancer. in the study elderly described as aged 55 or older. a study suggesting smoke smokers are more likely to have children who also smoke. researchers at wake forest baptist medical center found children of former smokiers and smokers were 3.2 times more likely to pick up the habit. researchers say genetics maybe be at the heart of this. this study publicke publicked -- published in journal pediatric autos an 8-year-old boy is raigz money to help his dog get around. the dog lost the use of his hind legs. the dog's young owner was determined to raise money to buy the dog a special wheelchair. he did it by selling keychains and magnets to his neig
, as long as i'm in the senate kentucky will have a voice instead of san francisco and martha's vineyard. [cheering] look at all these liberals, all these liberals come down here to push me around. they're not going to get away with it, are they? >> no! >> rand paul, ed whitfield and i take kentucky's fight to the liberals every single day. let me give you an example. a few months ago, the nanny state liberals decided to, the nanny state liberals decided you couldn't fish below the dams on the river anymore. well i rounded up the groups. we all got together with ed whitfield and rand paul and you can still fish below the dams. we stopped them. [cheering] back at beginning of the year they tried to raise taxes on everybody. i led the charge to save 99% of kentuckians from a tax increase. [cheers] they tried to bully, they tried to bully conservatives over at the irs but we called them out. [cheering] look, you can't get anything of those done from the back bench. that's why it is important, very, very important, to keep kentucky's voice strong. we've obviously got some big elections comin
and private lives of our nation's first ladies. week, martha washington to angelica van buren. ladies, weeknights all this month starting monday, 9:00 and eastern on c-span monday's program on martha washington, join in the onversation with historian and author patricia brady at >> this week on "q&a," presidential historian and seale discusses first ladies, influence and image. >> bill seale, who has the having on in history as kept the best of the white house. >> kept as a place to live, as a residence? > you know, well groomed and all that? -- yeah, i would say
's first ladies. week martha washington to ann gel la -- angelica van buren. starting tonight at 9 p.m. eastern on c-span. and during tonight's program on martha washington, join in the conversation with historian and author patricia brady at >> members of the house oversight subcommittee recently examined the legality of a government rule authorizing tabs credits for americans -- tax credits for americans who buy health insurance through federally-run exchanges. republicans argue the law allows tax credits only if for those receiving insurance through state-based exchanges. oversight committee chairman darrell issa threatened the official with subpoenas if the treasury department does not provide more information about the rulemaking process. the tax credits issue is currently the subject of a lawsuit brought by the state of oklahoma. this runs about 90 minutes. >> emily mcmahon is the deputy assistant for tax policy, u.s. department of treasury. thank you for being here. pursuant to all committee rule, all witnesses are sworn inng before they testify. if you'd
president by the way, i don't need to remind you your leaving saturday for in a day vacation to martha's vineyard where you will stay at about an $8 million state. but that is at least -- that is at least a gesture on your part, stepping down a little bit because the sequester is at work . that $21 million mansion you normally use and stay at just was not available, but it still looks good. about one-third of what you normally would do. mr. president collier making the job of the late-night talk-show hosts way too easy. by the way, you are not doing too badly for the rest of us either. the republican national committee stands up and takes on the mainstream liberal media, threatening to drop nbc and cnn over there hillary clinton miniseries and documentary. monica crowley and ed rollins on what has happened to a republican party. they are standing up? ♪ [ jackie ] its justso frustrating... ♪ the middle of this special moment and i need to run off to the bathroom. ♪ i'm fed up with always having to put my bladderer's needs ahead of my daughter. ♪ so today, i'm fally talking to my
and martha's vineyard. rand paul and i take kentucky's fight to the liberals every single day. >> but his challengers pull no punches, hitting him from the left and the right. alison lundergan grimes tied mcconnell to the washington gridlock. >> if senator mcconnell had his way, his version of kentucky health care for all seniors, grandmother, would be to walk it off. let's just tell it like it is. if the doctors told senator mcconnell that he had a kidney stone, he'd refuse to pass it. >> as somebody would just had a kidney stone, that one sort of hit close to home. republican challenger matt denim who attracted support from some in the tea party, attacked him on the economy. >> i don't intend to run to the right of mitch mcconnell. i don't intend to run to the left of mitch mcconnell. i intend to run straight over the top of mitch mcconnell and right into the u.s. senate and with your help we're going to do that. >> mcconnell's folks were hoping neither grimes nor bevan would look ready for prime time. both challengers came off surprisingly fiery. the weekends show mcconnell may not be
of it is unspecified. but the intent is to attack western, not just u.s. interests. >> that's martha rad ditch. let me go back to richard engel my hero over there. what is the sense of people over there in terms of one to ten concern? from what i've been pulling together on this, this is really big. people really think something's going to happen. is that the feeling in cairo and that part of the world? >> in cairo, people aren't really focused on this at all. cairo is in the middle of its own domestic problems. there are protests in the streets. the muslim brotherhood was thrown out of power in a coup. john john mccain and others are in town trying to work out a settlement. it's the end of ramadan. people are fasting. so no one was talking about this. we went down to the u.s. embassy today which was already a fortified compound. there are tons of concrete piled along all of the side streets leading to the embassy. they've been there for about a year when people tried to storm inside the embassy. remember, there was that offensive internet movie that mocked the muslim prophet muhammad. since then, the
a voice instead of san francisco and martha's vineyard. >> if the doctors told senator mcconnell he had a kidney stone, he'd refuse to pass it. >> should have been a better way. >> do you think? >> charlie rangel from new york went on a racist rant last week when he was comparing the tea party to the term cracker, white cracker. >> he said don't call him cracker. he said you got to say uncle cracker. >> the same group we faced in the south with the white crackers and dogs and police. some people are asking why there hasn't been more outrage. >> you're a republican you make a statement like that, it's over. >> the further right you are, the worse it gets. >> let's get right to our panel. joining us now is democratic strategist angela rye in washington and jonathan capehart of the "washington post." john, tomorrow marks a very, very important occasion as you know. almost 50 years since is the signing of the voting rights act. 1965, 6th of august. since the supreme court dismantled section 4 some weeks ago, restrictive voting laws are being introduced in am almost half the states if you lo
tonight p.m. eastern, and during tonight's program on martha washington, join in the onversation with the author, patricia brady at c-span, we bring public affairs to washington putting the room, in hearings and riefings and conferences, and offering complete gavel-to-gavel overage in the u.s. house, provided by the industry by funded by your local satellite provider, and now you us in h-d. >> before tonight's u.s. senate in new jersey, a look at press club, hosting senator, wendy davis, she's the hosted a 10-hour abortion, talking bout politics in texas and her own political future. [gavel] and welcome noon, i ame national press club, keane, president of the ational press club, for more information about the national press club, please visit our, to to te to programs offered the public, please visit of our members world wi wide, i would like to welcome you and if you hear applause in audience. members of the general public is visiting, and would like to welcome our c-span and public radio audiences. available on are podcast
did martha tear of south asian studies and the director of international studies at the kennedy college in connecticut. are you going back to trinity? the author of more than one dozen but long dash books if you count those the only available in india. this year he published two books one we will not talk about but it is worth checking out called uncle swami called. >> it is about of south asia is a good book. we will talk about his new book just published a called "the poorer nations"r many vijay is unquestionably the leading historian of the global self today. not only in the sense this book and its pre-quell the darker nations and in their sad not that they so thoroughly cover the rise of the political movements of the global south but they turn the history of the 20th century upside-down hence our. they do it tells the story of the era of the cold war of the point of view of the third world so it is a really unusual paradigm shifting of history. then "the poorer nations" i will not talk about a much but it covers the period of the rise of what we now call the global south ra
's come back for more pain and punishment. patti ann: not at all. i'm in for martha maccallum today, and senior u.s. officials say the intelligence is specific, and it points to terrorists setting off surgically-implanted devices. former cia director michael hayden says closing the embassies could be more than just caution. >> well, that's the cost of
. this week, martha washington to angelica van buren. starting at 9 p.m. eastern on c- span. program, join's in on the conversation with historian and author patricia rady at >> i have been pushing for this in the senate, that we would move cybersecurity legislation. it is bacon cop located. cybersecurity means different things to different people. -- it is big and complicated. cybersecurity means different things to different people. the house is actually passed some of this and i think we ought to look at what they have done. certainly if we want to take a stab at doing are only thing in the senate, that is great. but we need to really get moving on this in the senate. this is a real threat, a real problem him and all of my colleagues are on the intelligence committee and are worried about cybersecurity. internetlogy and issues on capitol hill, tonight on "the communicators on co. at eight eastern on c-span2. >> "washington journal" continues. host: last week the fbi announced a major operation targeting child prostitution efforts in 76 cities. michael harpster joins
pretty well, says he'll take time over his vacation. going to martha's vineyard later this month. mull it over. >> as he should. >> maybe make a final call at that point. don't expect an announcement before september. renominated bernanke in august. that's not going to happen this time around. it'll come in september. i think unless something changes in his mind between now and then, it's going to be larry summers. i don't think he's been moved much by the criticism out there in the marketplace. particularly among liberals that larry summers is is too centrist, too in line with wall street, all that kind of stuff. he likes him, trusts him, trusts him on the financial collapse. >> the president must perceive summers to be so good he's willing to go through albeit some difficult criticism over the selection. >> he's willing to take the heat. he thinks a lot of the heat is unwarranted and unfair. he believes senate democrats will eventually come around and be uniformly supportive of larry summe summers. that some of the noise between now and then is just that. some would rather see janet
of our nation's first ladies. this week martha washington to angela can -- to angelica van buren. and during tonight's program on washington, join in the conversation with petitioner span. at affairs in public washington directly to you, putting you in the room at congressional hearings, briefings, and conferences and offering complete gavel-to- gavel coverage of the u.s. house all as a public service of private interest. this is funded by your local cable provider. you can watch this in hd. governors who met this weekend in milwaukee. this is one session where they talked about cybersecurity, what states can do to protect themselves and citizens from cyber attacks. this session was about one hour and 20 minutes. >> good morning. welcome to the closing session of the 2000 and asked 2013 summer session. i would ask you if we could start the meeting. please join me in thanking governor walker his great hospitality. i know we all had a good time. i think it has been very productive. is conversation this morning on cybersecurity. it continues to be one of the most
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23 (some duplicates have been removed)